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    123 Hp Printer setups website is an independent third party technical support. We help you to setup your HP Printers.


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    123.hp.com: Printer Setup & Installation

    Frustrated while setup your printer by accessing 123.hp.com?

    Want to enhance a versatile 123.hp.com printer setup?

    Looking for simple steps to download software and driver for your printer?

    Wish a quick WiFi connection with fast print speed?

    Well, Don’t Panic!

    Here, in this article you will know “Solutions of all of your 123.hp.com printer issues.”

    Let’s get started!

    Know About 123.hp.com

    123.hp.com is a backend support group offering various printer services to its customers. All the services are attended by the expert technical team of the company. We provide the complete set of solutions related to printer and guarantee the customers to provide immediate support for any printer issue. 123.hp.com printers have excellent experienced team that analyse printer issues and provide solutions for them. We also address the troubleshooting issues during printer setup and installation.

    123.hp.com printers are available in various models and designed for different sectors to meet their purposes. The technical support team of our company provide all the required support and assistance for all different printer models. Users who are performing first-time printer setup and face problems doing the same can get better assistance here. Here, they will familiar with the interface of the printer. 123.hp.com/setup assists the users in printer setup, installation, drivers download and more. This website provides the solutions in different issues such as printer not found, failed wireless connection setup, paper jam, issues with the printing of the document or installation of printer driver.

    Feel free to call, chat or email with us at any time at our Toll-free number to resolve the printer issue.


    We are Dealing with 123.hp.com Printer: Choose Your Printer Model

    HP Envy Printers

    123.hp.com envy printers have a sleek and stylish design influening the customers with its superior features. This printer is suitable for the commercial as well as domestic purpose. Our technicians will help you in finding the best solution related to all issues faced with HP envy printer.


    HP Deskjet Printers

    123.hp.com deskjet printers have compressed design that make it able to fit on any desk. HP deskjet printers are having great speed and offers high-quality printing documents or photos. Our professionals will help you to in finding solutions to your issues with your printers from unboxing to installation.


    HP Officejet Printers

    123.hp.com officejet printers are appropriate for both business and domestic purpose priting. This printer is mainly used for printing high-quality and professinal documents. It mainly used for printing and scanning.Our experts provide you best solution related to this printer including driver download, printer installation and connectivity issues.


    HP Officejet Pro Printers


    123.hp.com officejet pro printers are having an elite and professional design make it appropriate for small businesses. This printer is mainly used for multipurpose printing and makes priting an easy task for the people. Our professional will helps you in setting up your HP Officejet pro printer from unboxing to updating the drivers.


    HP Laserjet Printers

    123.hp.com laserjet printers offers top line performance to its customers. This printer is know for secure printing in all over the world. Each of the toner cartridge in laserjet printer matches with the size and speed of this printer. Our technical experts will offer you 24 x 7 assistance to troubleshoot different issues related to HP laserjet printer setup.


    HP Laserjet Pro Printers


    123.hp.com laserjet pro printers provide consitent, fasta nd clear printing. This printer has the ability to print up to 35 pages in a minute. It also offers Ethernet and Wireless networking options to customers. Our experts will help you to setup, install and solve all other issues related to HP Laserjet pro printer.


    Quick Steps for 123.hp.com Printer Setup

    1. To initiate with HP printer setup, first unpack your printer and place it to safe and flat surface.
    2. Connect your printer to a stable power source. Turn it On.
    3. After that install the ink cartridge and align it properly.
    4. Set up paper tray correctly and load it with A4 size plain white sheets.
    5. Set your printer preference accurately. You can do this by go to control panel and set up time, zone, language, country, region and many more.
    6. Once printer is ready for setup, configure it on internet network which means that you have a strong internet connection that you can use on computer or laptop.
    7. Establish a strong connection wirelessly or through a wired network.
    8. You can hook up your printer to computer directly by using a USB cable. This decision will depend upon printer model number, computer and router’s interface. Also, determine all connection possibilities of your device and make sure your printer is hooked up properly.
    9. Locate the driver software for your 123.hp.com/setup printer model after downloading it properly on your laptop or computer.
    10. In the next step, install the printer drivers on your computing device.
    11. After complete the driver setup for your printer, get your HP machine registered on official website 123.hp.com.
    12. Now, you can experience the high-quality, efficient and quality performance of your printer to Avant-grade.


    Need Help in Printer Setup? Direct assist our technical support team just in one click for 123.hp.com printers. Contact us at our Toll-free number.


    Simple Steps to Download Printer Drivers from 123.hp.com

    1. To initiate the installation process of printer driver, first download the software or printer driver from 123.hp.com. At this website, you will get the simple steps to download the hp printer driver software.
    2. To begin the process, turn on your computer and open any web browser of your choice.
    3. Type 123.hp.com in the address bar of your browser and press enter. After that you will reach to the official website of HP products.
    4. After loading the page into the printer, you will find the search bar where you have to enter your printer model number. The model number is located on front side of device. Start searching by clicking on Search icon.
    5. A new window will open named “Install Printer Software” where you find Download tab on it. Click on this tab.
    6. The process of downloading the printer driver will start from 123.hp.com. You can see the downloading process in the footer of your browser window.


    How to Install Printer Driver for your Windows Device?

    1. First, go to the download folder of your web browser. You can also use the shortcut key, “Ctrl + J” for this process.
    2. In the next step, look for appropriate software that you have downloaded recently.
    3. Once you downloaded the software, double click on downloaded file to run the software.
    4. A security warning window will display on the screen. This window contains a run icon. Click on it.
    5. A new window pop-up on the screen named “User Account Control”. This window requests your permission to make the essential changes for the process. Click on “Yes” icon to allow all changes.
    6. Now, you are directed to the main screen of the software of your printer.
    7. Click on continue button situated at bottom of the screen to continue further. It will navigate you to “Software Selection” window where you have to select your preferred software. Click on the Customized Software Selection option and then on next button.
    8. After that, you will be navigating to “Installation Agreements and Setting” window consisting “Privacy Policy” and “Terms and Conditions”. Go through them and tick on checkbox to agree with these terms.
    9. Click on continue button to proceed further. With this, actual installation process starts which will take some time to complete the process.
    10. After completing the process, a new pop-up window will appear. You have to click on Next button.
    11. Now, you have to specify your mode of connection. In this new window, select your mode to connect your computer or laptop with your 123.hp.com printer.
    12. This type of connection gives you two options i.e. USB connection mode or wireless connection mode.
    13. To proceed further, you have to connect your computer or laptop with your HP printer wirelessly or with wired connection. After establishing a strong connection, you will see a new window prompting the Continue tab. You have to click on it.
    14. Now, complete the process of printer driver installation from 123.hp.com.


    How to Install Printer Driver for your Mac Device?

    1. First step is to go to Finder bar which is situated at left side of the screen.
    2. Type “Download” to the search bar to find the Download folder and press on enter tab.
    3. Once you find the Downloads folder, locate the setup file that you have downloaded recently.
    4. Double click on the downloaded file. After that a pop-up box appears on the screen which verifies that your printer software is compatible with the installation process. Click on continue button to proceed further.
    5. Now, you will be directed to a new window which contains all terms and conditions related to the end user license agreement with information related to product improvement data collection and hp printer setup process. Read them carefully.
    6. Each of the document has its own checkbox. Tick on the checkbox against it if you agree with that particular term. After that, click on the continue button.
    7. Now, select the apt connection option where you have to select the mode that you use to connect your computer or laptop with your 123.hp.com printer. Here, you will get two options to connect either by USB connection mode or Wireless Connection mode.
    8. In the next step, connect your computer or laptop to printer through wired connection or wireless connection.
    9. You need to enter Mc credential to complete the process. After entering your username and password, click on the Install Software button.
    10. The installation of the printer driver process is complete. Now, you will see “Add Printer” window prompts on your screen.
    11. Select your printer model from the given list of printer model. Click on the Add button.
    12. After that, the Print Test window will appear on your screen. You have to click on the Print Test Page tab to start the test. Load your printer with A4 size sheets. Click on the Skip button if you do not want to run the test.
    13. At last, click on the close button and complete the printer driver installation process of your 123.hp.com printer.
    14. With this, you have completed the process of download and installation of hp printer driver software at 123.hp.com.


    Our Working Process

    Step 1: Tell us your printer issue

    Step 2: Proper diagnosis of the printer problem

    Step 3: Instant solution for issue associated to printer

    Step 4: Excellent tips for your printer model


    How to do 123.hp.com Wireless Setup and Security?

    Check below instructions step by step for wireless setup and security of your 123.hp.com printer:

    1. First, modify the default name for the network name i.e. SSID for your manufacturer name to a unique name.
    2. After that modify your login details including username and password of router’s admin user to unique and different name from the default.
    3. In the next step, assign “ON” or “enable” to broadcast SSID to the default settings.
    4. For better security, make use of WPA or WPA2 passphrase.
    5. If you are securing your network then does not use MAC address filtering, WEP key encryption and disabling SSID broadcasting.
    6. Select AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) for the encryption type. Basically, it is new and most secure passphrase having at least 13 characters. It is good to use numbers, upper- and lower-case letters, punctuations to make strong network security.
    7. Record your wireless settings and add any of the wireless device to the wireless network.
    8. Click on “Apply” after configuring an existing wireless router.
    9. Tap on “OK” to save all the setting made by you.
    10. If you are configuring your existing wireless router then make sure that wireless devices are connected to it and each of the wireless device is configured appropriately with the new configuration window.


    Steps for 123.hp.com Printer Network Configuration

    1. The first step is to make sure that your 123.hp.com printer is turned on and power light on your printer blink on it.
    2. In the next step, you have to tap on the “Wireless” icon from the control panel of 123.hp.com printer.
    3. After that, click on the setting option which is characterized by a gear shape icon.
    4. You will get different option. Go on the wireless setting and then click on the wireless setup wizard options. After that, your printer will start searching for the wireless networks present all around you.
    5. Select the desired network from the list of networks to connect with your printer.
    6. Moreover, the system will be asked to enter the username and password to connect 123.hp.com printer with the appropriate network.
    7. Once you complete with the connection process, you get a completion message on your printer screen.
    8. You can also complete the network configuration process by using an Ethernet cable for printer network configuration. For this, you need to plug the ethernet cable to your printer and router. It will help you to establish the connection and to complete the configuration process.


    Services Offered by 123.hp.com Printers

    • Troubleshooting Printer Errors
    • Easy steps for Printer Setup and Installation
    • Simple Interface for Printer Setup as Compared to Others
    • Technical and Experienced Team for Help in Printers
    • Instant Support from Our Support Team
    • HP Auto Wireless Connect
    • Get Software and Drivers for your Printer Model
    • Easy to Access and Friendly Platforms and Medium to Chat or Calls


    Seek for Best Printer Assistance? Stay connected with us on call or chat at our toll-free number.


    Why Choose Services of 123.hp.com?

    123.hp.com, hp printer setup and installation website make printing an easy task for customers as talking. The information on this website help you to download and install the drivers for all different printer models. Here, you also get the proper guidelines for technical issues related to 123.hp.com printers.

    Features offered by 123.hp.com to customers:

    No Hidden Costs

    Customers can book our products and services at any time with not any extra charges and hidden costs.

    Money-back Guaranteed

    Customers will refund their money if they do not get services according to their requirements and they are not satisfied with company’s products or services.

    Top High-Quality

    123.hp.com website offers top and high-quality products as well as services with standard products.

    Guaranteed Satisfaction

    Customers will get guaranteed satisfaction from our offered products and services once they opt us and connect with us for taking any services.

    Timey and 24 x 7 Assistance

    Our company have a dedicated and professional expert team providing their services 24 x 7 to solve any issues faced by customers related to our products and services.

    Dedicated Team

    Our company have a dedicated and experienced technical expert team that helps the customers in solving their issues related to printer.

    Quick Response

    Get solutions of all your queries in one place. We provide complete instruction guide the assist you with 123.hp.com printer setup process.

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